"2008 Top ten restaurant of Chicago."
----- Chicago Suntime

"One of 100 best restaurant recommended in 2008."
----- Time Out Chicago

"Chicagoland's great Neighborhood restaurant 2007, 2008."

"Excellent place for authentic mandarin cuisine."
----- Check, Please Channel 11

"A place worth to go to see what people eat during the Chinese New Year."
----- Hungry Hound Channel 7

"A really amazing place that hard to found for traditional Mandarin cuisine."
----- Chew Hound

"The pot stickers are crispy and unlike you normally think of."
----- Chicago Tribune

"Eggplant with garlic sauce is delicate, crispy, gently Sauced and just yummy."
----- Chicago Reader

"The only true Northern style Chinese food, it's mandarin Sun."
----- Chicago Magazine

"I never used to eat Northern Chinese food, but the food here is amazing."
----- Ron C.

"It's Chinese food you can't find anywhere else."
----- Shirley Yang

"Ed's is truly a treat and one of my favorite places in Chicago."
----- Mike G.

"The food is excellent and the atmosphere is very relaxing."
----- Lady Boo

"This is one of the most authentic Chinese restaurants in Chicago."
----- Anonymous

"The Xiao long bao and cigar potstickers were phenomenal as always."
----- Laila C.

"Everything that we had was delicious and fresh."
----- Joy K.

"I've had excellent meals and afterwards looked forward to the next time."
----- Penpoint

"Ed's was truly a delight."
----- Eatchicago

"One of the best Chinese restaurants in the city."
----- Centerstage